Protective Tendon and Fetlock Boots


EqueStyle's wide range of protective Tendon and Fetlock Boots provide protection in a wide range of colours and fastenings including Velcro and quick fastening studs. We have carbon and polyurethane thermoplastic all of which are anatomically shaped to ensure a good fit with protection against rubbing and impact

Norton, Horka and HKM Tendon and Fetlock Boots are probably the best value for money for effective competition and training. We have a variety of robust and flexible Boots to effectively absorb impact and distribute pressure for optimum protection without compromising your Horses comfort. We have carbon and also supple shell tendon boots in polyurethane thermoplastic with reinforcements along the flexors and have an anatomic shape with cut-outs to help with flexion, and thick jersey covered neoprene lining for good shock absorption. There is a choice of Velcro and quick button closure and adjusting choices on elasticated supports. Matching fetlock boots also have quick fastenings or Velcro and have a reinforced anatomic shell, padded with jersey lined neoprene. EqueStyle has a wide variety of colours for this performance set, for every day and competition weekends! EqueStyle also stock the Protective HKM Tendon and Fetlock Boots, these provide durable, shock absorbing, tendon protection, protects against injuries and has the ability to absorb impact.


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