Horse Riding Breeches and Leggings


"There's nothing as essential as having a great wardrobe of riding Breeches, for competitions, hunting, schooling and hacking!" And EqueStyle's focus is to provide you with the variety quality and fashionable horse riding breeches, that will enhance your wardrobe and make you proud

Modern riding Breeches and Jodhpurs come in a wide variety of styles and at EqueStyle we believe we have stocked some of the best styles, colours and materials for riding. Whether you are competing or hacking we can provide the ideal breeches. EqueStyle's Riding Breeches come from leading manufacturers including Cavallino Marino, Coldstream, Equitheme, Glööckler, HKM Pro Team and International, Horka and their brilliant range of Elasta Breeches, Lauria Garrelli, Kyrons innovative Breeches and QHPs competition breeches and many more. Excellent Choice of Comfortable and Quality Breeches. We aim to provide the breeches that will make you proud of your attire and all of our breeches have matching rider and horse wear. Stylish, tailored and flattering, riding Breeches are close fitting but comfortable trousers which are used for horse riding, they are typically worn with leather Long Riding Boots or short Jodhpur boots used with half chaps. They typically stop at the middle to the bottom of the calf muscle to avoid unnecessary bulk under long riding boots or chaps. Breeches come in lots of different fabrics, cuts and styles meaning the price can vary significantly between brands.


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