Horse Health and Wellbeing


New Horse Health Products, including the EQU StreamZ magnetic Fetlock Boots, Equitheme FIR+ technology horse legs wraps and stable rugs to promote healing and circulation and and the "Arioneo Orscana" Connected Sensor which is designed to ensure your Horses rugs are effective and comfortable

The Orscana is a new UK product with an intuitive interface for your phone, which will monitor your horses comfort levels and help you choose the right rug. The Newest FIR+ Technology for Horses Legs, aiding circulation and promoting cell regeneration. FIR (Far Infrared Rays) technology works on a wave length going through living tissue with all sorts of benefits. FIR infrared rays are an invisible light energy omitted by the sun. Their long wave length and frequency are easily accepted and absorbed by the body and animals and help their growth and development. FIR+ therapy fabric is made of polyester fiber containing bio-ceramic powder, which emits FIR Infrared Rays (FIR) deep into equine tissues and cells, increasing blood and circulation and promoting cell regeneration. Toxins are then more easily eliminated and inflammation recedes and the healing process accelerates. Relieves muscle spasm, body pain, lower back pain, joint pain and tense muscles. Set of 2 stable wraps composed of a self-gripping 8mm thick neoprene base lined with a dual layered polyfill pad (180 + 280g) wrapped in a polyester fibre cover containing bio-ceramic powder. EQU StreamZ Fetlock boots, ideal for p


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